What are the eligibility requirements?

Customers with one of the following transactional accounts: Business, Personal or NOW Checking, Statement or Money Market Savings.

How do I enroll in Medina Savings and Loan Online Banking?

Customer selects first time Log In Button on the Medina Savings and Loan Online Banking Log In Page. Customer will review the “Terms and Conditions”, and clicks the Accept button. Customer completes the application and clicks the Submit button. Customer’s Social security Number and Account Number are verified to authenticate the
Customer. Customer is prompted to change their access ID and Password. Once this is complete customer clicks Submit button. This will be your access ID and password to log-in to the Online Banking. An account list is displayed allowing Inquiry capabilities for the first 48 hours.

When can I start transferring between my Medina Savings and Loan Accounts?

You will receive two letters via US mail in 3-5 business days. One will contain your access ID, the other will contain your password. Once you receive both letters go to the log on page and use the access ID and password to sign on to internet banking.

Are there any fees to bank online with Medina Savings and Loan?

None. Medina Savings and Loan pays all cost associated with offering online banking.

What accounts may I view using online banking?

  • Business Checking Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • Now Accounts
  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA’s)
  • Mortgage Loans
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Consumer Loans
  • Property Improvement Loans
  • Overdraft line of credits
  • Commercial Loans

What types of accounts may I do transactions?

  • Checking Accounts, Statement Savings, Money Market to and from each account
    Transfer from checking, statement savings and money market account into your
    passbook or Christmas club accounts with Medina Savings and Loan, but not vice versa
    Transfers from your checking, statement savings or money market accounts to pay your
    loans at Medina Savings and Loan

**Note: Accounts must be under the same ownership to transfer between them.
Money Market and Statement Savings accounts are limited to six (6) electronic withdrawals per month in accordance with Federal Regulation

Do I need special software or hardware?

Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher (minimum requirement is 4.01 and will have limited functionality),or Netscape Navigator 6.1 or higher with a 128–bit encryption for their web browser. However, access can be gained through the browsers in AOL and MSN.

How do I check my browser version and encryption level?

In your browser, you will need to go to your menu option HELP. Select About from the drop-down list. The next screen to appear will detail both your current browser version and encryption level.

What if my browser does not have 128-encryption?

If your browser does not have this encryption and you have the proper browser version, you can find information on how to upgrade your browser at www.microsoft.com .

Why do I need 128-bit encryption?

This is the safest level of encryption available on the Internet today. It allows Medina Savings and Loan Online Banking to transfer account information on a secured level.

Is accessing Medina Savings and Loan Online Banking private and secure?

Yes. We use a system of firewalls that serve as an immune system to protect our information from unauthorized intruders. The system continuously monitors for any indications of a breach. Additionally, we use and require you to use a browser that supports 128-encryption. Also, we use an automatic “time out” system that will automatically log you off if, after 20 minutes of inactivity, you have not logged yourself off.

What do I do if I forget my password?

Please call Medina Savings and Loan (585-798-2801) ext.101 and a customer service representative will reset your password.

Why am I unable to logon?

Make sure you are entering your Access ID and Password properly. Both are case-sensitive.